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Instead of writing css properties in kebab-case like regular css, you write them in camelCase, for example background-color would be backgroundColor. Object styles are especially useful with the css prop because you don’t need a css call like with string styles but object styles can also be used with styled.

  • theme-ui.com/guides/...-styles
  • emotion.sh/docs/obj...t-styles

Pseudo elements

"&::before": {
content: '""',
display: 'block',
width: 32,
height: 32,
backgroundColor: 'tomato',

Media queries

color: 'darkorchid',
'@media(min-width: 420px)': {
color: 'orange'


padding: 8,
zIndex: 200

Vendor prefixes

From MDN:

Prefixes for interface names are upper-cased:

  • WebKit (Chrome, Safari, newer versions of Opera, almost all iOS browsers (including Firefox for iOS); basically, any WebKit based browser)
  • Moz (Firefox)
  • O (Older, pre-WebKit, versions of Opera)
  • MS (Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge)
MozTextStrokeColor: 'red,
WebkitTextStrokeColor: 'red',
textStrokeColor: 'red,
MozTextStrokeWidth: '1px',
WebkitTextStrokeWidth: '1px',
textStrokeWidth: '1px',
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