📜 Create local self-signed certificate

👋 FYI, this note is over 6 months old. Some of the content may be out of date.
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brew install mkcert
brew install nss
mkcert -install
$ mkcert -install
Created a new local CA at "/Users/zander/Library/Application Support/mkcert" 💥
The local CA is now installed in the system trust store! ⚡️
The local CA is now installed in the Firefox trust store (requires browser restart)! 🦊

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mkcert localhost ::1
$ mkcert localhost ::1
Using the local CA at "/Users/zander/Library/Application Support/mkcert"

Created a new certificate valid for the following names 📜
- "localhost"
- ""
- "::1"

The certificate is at "./localhost+2.pem" and the key at "./localhost+2-key.pem"

This will add the certificate and key into whichever directory you ran the script in

Use openssl Jump to heading

Run this then follow the instructions.

sudo openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout ./server.key -out ./server.crt

This is not nearly as good as mkcert though.

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