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deno.land/x is a hosting service for Deno scripts. It caches releases of open-source modules stored on GitHub and serves them at an easy-to-remember domain.

Deno can import modules from any location on the web, like GitHub, a personal webserver, or a CDN like esm.sh, Skypack, jspm.io or jsDelivr.

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deno.land Jump to heading

import { serve } from 'https://deno.land/[email protected]/http/server.ts'

esm.sh Jump to heading

import { decode } from 'https://esm.sh/[email protected]'
import type { SupabaseClient } from 'https://esm.sh/@supabase/[email protected]'

CDN Jump to heading

import urlJoin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/pin/[email protected]/mode=imports,min/optimized/proper-url-join.js'

npm Jump to heading

import chalk from 'npm:chalk@5'

TS types Jump to heading

// @deno-types="npm:@types/express@^4.17"
import express from 'npm:express@^4.17'

Publishing your own modules Jump to heading

All modules on deno.land/x need to be hosted as public repositories on GitHub.com.

deno.land/x downloads and stores your repository contents every time you create a git tag. We only do this once for every tag. This ensures that the contents we serve for a specific version can never change.

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