🩸 Full-bleed utility

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Based on this article by Ryan Mulligan

.content {
display: grid;
[full-start] 1fr
min(var(--content-max-width), 100% - var(--space-md) * 2)
1fr [full-end];

.content > * {
grid-column: content;

.content-fullBleed {
grid-column: full;
<main class="content">
<h1 class="headline">
Horizontal scrolling in a centered max-width container
<p>Strip sirloin pig venison ribs flank hamburger landjaeger jerky.</p>

<div class="content-fullBleed">
Dragée lemon apple chocolate powder oat o marshmallow tiramisu ice gummies
cake snaps danish bonbon.

<p>Turkey belly shank biltong burgdoggen filet round tri chop.</p>

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From this article by Andy Bell

.full-bleed {
width: 100vw;
margin-left: calc(50% - 50vw);

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