⚛ Conditionally render on the client or server

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import React, { useEffect, useState, ReactNode } from 'react'

export interface ConditionallyRenderProps {
client?: boolean
server?: boolean
children?: ReactNode

const ConditionallyRender = ({
}: ConditionallyRenderProps) => {
const [isMounted, setIsMounted] = useState(false)

useEffect(() => setIsMounted(true), [])

if (!isMounted && client) {
return null

if (isMounted && server) {
return null

return children as React.ReactElement

export default ConditionallyRender

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<ConditionallyRender server>
<p>This is rendered only on server.</p>
<ConditionallyRender client>
<p>This is rendered only on client.</p>

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